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    Tatayuri Harvelle

    Post by Anna on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:35 pm

    Name: Tatayuri Harvelle
    Alias/Epithet: Tatayuri Harvelle
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Mode: Hard
    Occupation: Hand to hand/blacksmith
    Affiliation: Marine
    Tier: Tier 1

    General Appearance:

    Tatayuri wears a white simple shirt, a red coloured short-sleeved jacket, dark blue shorts and on his feets does Tatayuri wear wooden sandals with a solid metal underside. His hear is brown quite messes as he doesnt really bother about styling his hair. His rough skin is a little brown, his eyes are green and often has a straw in his mouth.
    Physically he is quite in shape, quite agile, flexable and comptable in his body though for some reason he can't seem to grow a beard or mustashe.

    Height: 190 cm
    Weight: 76 kg
    Crew Tattoo Placement: on the fingertip of his pink


    Tatayury was born a very creative man,with a quick minded approach to life. geneally desires changes, new experiences, and freedom in his thoughts and actions. Driven bythe desire to accomplish something worthwhile and has a very searching and analytical mind. He had to watch depression due to attracting disappointments with people, and restrictions of his enthusiastic endeavours from the screen of his own two eyes with an underlying cause of his family exspectations. Very ambitious, and often have high expectations of himself and others. Having to watch his impulsiveness in decision-making, and yet taking prides himself in the impulsive, self-making decisions. The want for freedom of choice in his decisions. Further fields always look greener, and due to Tatayury restless nature it is difficult to be satisfied and settled for long periods. Even when he has just settled down, something always comes up, intriguing him to make a change, or through a disappointment which can cause inner turmoil.

    Has remarkable ability to be friendly and tactful to people in many situations. His family would be noted for hospitality, very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, and know just what to say and do to put people at ease. However, members of this family must guard against becoming too involved with people and being too easily influenced against their better judgment. Though despite the way his family is Tatayuri is more of an outcast deep down a diffrent human being looking for freedom, adventure and feeling of wanting to see more of the world was locked up inside him waiting to be released. He can be kidn of stuborn for example if you say he must go left he goes right. He is a person who enjoys tries to live his life at the fullest potential. He doesnt have much shame nor does he easily back down from somethign he wants and or desires. If he wants to go somewhere there is nothign that will keep going there.

    Likes: 1) He likes to eat meat because it is his favorite kind of food.
    2) He does like good jokes and pranks because he does have a good sense of humor
    3) He likes traveling. Its part why he wanted to be a pirate to be free and stand where he wanrts to stand. The freedom of traveling on sea or land itself does he enjoy the most out of it.

    Dislikes: 1) He disliked heavy clothing/armor. He enjoys fighting being fast and easy to move around. He thinks it would only slow him down and that being faster then the enemy is a better defence.
    2) He dislikes people who disrespect others.
    3) Going to bed with a empty stomach


    Growing up in the south blue surrounder by martial artiests and friendly folk he got into fighting at such a young age though this was a secrut from his family since his family were living hotel sevices despite not being a hotel. The farcade that he was forceed to put on for most of his life really anoyed him. Smiling at everyone one, carring peoples shopping and generally just going out of his way to be nice to others even assholes. The idea of being stuck here for the rest of his life. Working at this place without being able to see what else is out there in the big world did annoy him. It slowlly moved him futher and futher away from his family until one day he left them entirelly and never looked back. He heard nothing of his family and nor did his family about him.

    Tatayuri Harvelle bring unstable conditions into his life by fighitng the norm and following his way of thinking, his heart and his pull towards freedom. He is called upon to be of service to people in some way, and to express kindness, sympathy, and understanding. However, often taken advantage of, and eceive little in return for his efforts. Unless he exercises discretion, he got easily involved in emotional entanglements.

    Attracting losses of whatever means the most to himself, people, possessions, or the positions you work hardest to achieve all became ilrealvant when the light had reached him, the way to change. He joined the navy and has served for 2 years in the south blue but it wouldn't be till recently that it would change again when he met someone, someone important very important. This person would he meet ater he heard that he had to leave his current station. It was a suprise and he would miss the friends he made but the feeling of seeing more of the world won. Without regret he left and set sail to his destination. He was going to be stationed at Baterilla under the navy officer Kirito Stay Fate and was ready to make new friends meet new people and add new experiences to his life.

    Tatayuri Harvelle

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