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    Akuma Emo Gasai

    Post by Anna on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:37 pm

    Name: Akuma Èmó Gasai
    Alias/Epithet: Akuma
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Mode: Hard
    Occupation:Weapon Specialist + Thief
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Tier: Tier 1

    General Appearance:
    Akume does wear a black kimono with a white piece of cloth around his waist and is knotted to keep the kimono closed. Its black and those clothes make it able to move around freely. Without being hold back by armor or anythign else. Its made of light materials. So are the sandals. Too keep him from being slowed down. The sandals are made of straw and cane braided together. Some easy white socks to keep his feet warm. The Kimono isnt a regualr kimono. At the back it got a cowl. He can use the cowl to hide his face. To help that he got a mask with him. Anytime to make him even harder to recognize. Its make of light metal and aluminium. To keep it from breaking easily and easier to repair. The eye patch does he wear to give his opponents some advantage and because he likes to wear it. He is a pirate afterall.

    Kimono : http://prntscr.com/9l2vqi
    Sandals : http://prntscr.com/9l2yg9
    Mask : http://prntscr.com/9l2xr8

    Height: 187 cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Crew Tattoo Placement:Under my left feet

    Akuma is the person who looks diffrent from other people. The clothes and so is his behavior which make him stand out of the crowd. He does have a habit to carry always a weapon with him. Even on places he doesn't have to use his weapons at all. Somewhere he hides a weapons. His shoes are easy sandals. White socks and a black coloured kimono. The Kimono includes a cowl and his left eye is hidden behind the eye patch he wears.
    and he does have a mask to hide his face if he wants to. It aslo immidaintly is a preparation for Carnaval. does not easily get scared or feel like he has to run away from a fight of opponent. Not without trying to take their Berries. He likes to act like a trust worthy person to people he wants to use and manipulate to get what he wants and then back stab them. He likes to toy with people who are not his allies. He got a strong will and ready to protect the ones he cares about. Only if they do have te will to live and want to be able to fight back . Weak people does he not like to protect.

    When people are slow or in his way he is more irritated and angered easier. Waking him up can be dangerous. SInce he will punch or do some sort of attack when someone wakes him up. Except for Skyopia Fish. Its his favorite food and helps him to get awake with a better attitude.

    He walks around showing to others that he is confident with himself. That he wont let anyone mess with him or his allies. His face does show no much emotion. Only when he fights he gets a smile on his face and not too shows any other feelings he does have. He hides it behind a abstract looking face. A face that shows no emotion or hides it behind a smile.

    1.) Combat. - Akuma does like to fightt. The rush of it and the feeling to be able to die makes his adreline level increase. He does enjoy the heat of battle. He does have respect for those with great fighting skill or future potentials to be strong
    2.) Food - He doesnt reeally care much wha is on his plate. If it tastes good and isnt poisoned it is good. He likes almost everythign but his favorite food is Skyopia fish.
    3.) Being Social - He does enjoy talking with other people and when they are around him. Especially in battle. Means he got more people to cut down. .
    1.) Weak people. - he doesnt really have it with people who are not standing up for themself and selfpity themself or weak opponents who cant defend themself or who does not have the will to live.
    2.) Unable to Sleep - Akuma dislikes it when people keep him from sleeping or who do wake him up. He prefers to be able to sleep in peace without getting disturbed
    3.) When things are going too slow - He does not have much patiens to wait for someone to get out of his way or when someone infront of him suddenly stands still and is in his way or just walks too slow. WHen he asks someone something he does not want to wait too long for a answer. etc.

    Akume is born at the island called "Dawn Island". He grew up in the village Foosha Village. The island is somewhere in the East Blue. The island is often visited by pirates. They are friendly towards the people who live there. They become my idols and examples of what i wanted to be later when I grow up. They looked so strong and mighty. My father and mother were pirates too. My father was a captain. My mother his navigator. Everytime they left Akume was ropped with some villagers to take care of him. When they come back. I am happy everytime and when they leave again i promise them to get strong. That one day i would be part of their crew. At young age he started to train. Fought with wood made sticks. Made boats and makes fake treasure maps. He looks promising. To becoem a great pirate in the future they said. Until something happened. His parents were on a trip. A hunt for treasure. Years pass by but they do no return. When i turn 15 we get the news. It is bad news. His parents and their crew were slaughted by the marines.

    The shock of that makes Akume quit life. The next two years he lives but at the same time he was dead. With no goals or the will to live. It took him two years to get himself together and promised himself and his parents never to be that weak again. He does not want revange; That was for th weak. Instead he will enter the seas and make them proud of him.

    The following 3 years Akume trains harder then before. He grows up into a strong muscles young man. He got big and strong and noticed he likes to being combat. His persoanlity changes to the man who he now has become. He makes himself a new ship strong enough to survive most kind of storms; Turning 20 I take the ship and leave Dawn Island. After saying goodbye to the villagers who took care of him for the past few years. I thank them for their help, care and promise to come back.

    Then i take off to on the open sea looking for adventure, treasure, a crew and ready for battle. *Large Grin

    Face Claim:Bleach/Kenpachi Zaraki

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