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    Kabuto - magi

    Post by JessWolfie on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:40 pm

    Name: Kabuto L Prancer
    Country Affiliation:Heliohapt
    Race: Human
    Tier: D
    Specialization: Intelligence [Strength Magic]
    Age + Birthdate: 17 jan = 17 years old
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Everything
    Personality: Kabuto Lucy Prancer is a very curious young woman with a bit of a creativity that surpasses her moral compass and is willing to do pretty much anything to move forward its not that she will cross lines for her the lines don't exist. Though outside of this very important psychopathic detail she is quite friendly and has no issue helping people for no gain since she is not really a self centred woman. If she had a family/friends she would always put them first and try to control her temptation to remove an eye.

    Shes the sort of person to talk to someone really close face to face though can tell if that makes the other person unconfutable and unless its a ploy to strike will step back. Loves animals and will not hurt any animal which is domesticated but the wilds on its own. As far as her fighting thinking she is very unorthodox and unpractical with a very unique method of fighting often giving up a very important advantage of a wizard just to enjoy it turning things into a game.

    Despite the things she does, she never really shows any signs of anger, frustration or stress and is really in touch with her inner freedom in the world and is very logical [She won't remove your eye if, its to far a distance to get it back to her masterpiece safely.]

    Eyes- Shes a very creative person and the conception ocean of the soul has become her medium
    Upbeat party like music- shes always up for a dance
    Blind people because they don't need either eye


    Flying carpets or anyone that uses such things - can become hostile towards the people
    Ghosts or illusions due to the temptation that can't be satisfied can lead to bad decisions.
    Heights where she has no control, can lead to panikining.

    Aspirations: Her main goal in life is to collect one eye from everyone in the world and add it to her masterpiece called a Angel of the sight- I see you. No lines in her way of getting that next eye. She does also want to take over a city, country or something with a similar grandeur though she would give it to someone else to rule its the Adventure not Responsibility that pulls her. Finally she wants to Remove flying carpets from existing and can end up attacking those using such things "Vermin"
    Phobias/fears:Is highly scared of ghosts because of the eyes being not real, and a temptation with no satisfaction. Not a big fan of heights and if control is not in her hands in such situations she will begin to panic. People who smell bad since getting their eye becomes a chore and often could lead to her killing them outright. One thing that will always make her run in the other direction is a dead skull.. no eyes, no skin no nothing just dead... its like the anti god of her dreams.

    Face-Claim: Hyouka from anime hyouka
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Red
    Height: 172.72 cm's
    Appearance:Generally her appearance will change drastically on a regular basis due to shes always moving on through different clothes, hair styles, hair colour though he standard neutral look is something unthreatening a simple white dress, sandals and a tight chainmail underneath. Her body posture is open quite loose and flowing though her back is often straight, shes quite frigidity and curious natured and when talking to someone will be very close looking at them with immense curiosity. Her natural hair is brown though due to often dying the hair magically its hard to remember that's her natural hair colour outside of her eyebrows. Always carries a bad filled with eye patches
    Rukh Alignment: White
    Special Traits: carries a bag filled with eye patch's
    History: During her early years Kabuto name was actually Lucy and she would actually add the name Kabuto on herself due to her vision taking over her imagination as the reflections of back and forth overlap craving for reality this gave birth to her aspirations. Quite a normal girl always helping people always thinking outside the box, painting decorating and even done some training as a blacksmith. Though shorty after she found out she was a user of magic seeing the rukh for the first time she was amazed and later that day she had that dream. Seeing herself in a mirror directly into her own eye... Eye to Eye which became an endless spiral of reflection she would end up seeing a million eyes before her creative started using them to paint. She created a image of such beautiful and power it embed itself into her dna. The insanity was born.

    She had never met her family and was somewhat abandoned in the village of her birth from birth so when her path started traveling this road their was no one to head it off. a year would pass before she would end up taking every eye in the village uncontrollably killing them in the process. This was enough to build the foundation of her masterpiece though she would need over 8000 more eyes to finish it. She never moaned the death of those near her due to not understanding / processing what she had done and this would one day lead to her death.

    she would end up traveling for quite some time until recently on her 17th birthday she would join the Kou empire making a deal with a general his help in getting eyes of perfection in exchange for her help in war. Lucy would agree but only in a neutral manor as to work with them not join them. she mainly wanted to get the Generals eye she had no care for war it was no concern for her. During the time working with the Koe forces she had learned to balance and move somewhat quickly on her toes making her quite agile despite being a magician. Afterwhile of being with Koe she would find herself in Heliohapt and she loved the snakes and instantly joined them had grown to like the community.

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