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    Name:Bianca Cordelia Brown
    Country Affiliation:Reim
    Age + Birthdate:19 + 21 feb
    Sexuality: Bi-Curios.
    Personality:Bianca has a quick-minded, sensitive nature.
    a creative ability in art, music, singing, or fancywork and an appreciation for refined surroundings. sociable nature expresses affection, kindness, and thoughtfulness to the extent that it is difficult for her not to be affected by others and governed by her heart. Emotions help guide her most, though Logic and reason hold weight, but her emotions often hold True.

    Her desire for peace at any price can result in going out of your way to avoid arguments and confrontation or hurting the feelings of others, though mainly in avoiding to pick sides, trying to keep everyone happy which has, somewhat lead to her life of being alone.

    Parts of old self still visible in her current mental state
    her desire to be spontaneous and artistic, but there are qualities in her life that restrict her imaginative, creative talents and make her more deliberate and careful. On occasion, tends to be very fussy and particular over incidentals and, at other times, too scattering and inconsistent. This disparity creates frustration within her as she cannot consistently maintain the system and order you desire.

    She was A free spirit, who deep down wanted to make everyone happy though has changed allot and even somewhat hates herself. Note has a Strong sense of Pride, Dignity, and a willful moral code.
    1.Feels really enjoys intense battles, since can get quite competitive.
    2.Spicy Food due to having close relations to heat.
    2. any human or human-like creature with more than nature amount of limbs[2 legs -2 arms] because it's creepy
    3. Flying insects can make her a bit Crazy potentially full out attacking an ally with a flying bug on their nose.
    1.Currently is to be as powerful as possible, raising the strength of her shell, though not something she would trade her Pride or Dignity, or even cross her morals for.
    2.Additionally she wants to find her true self once more if that is even possible.
    3.Find a place in the world she can build a large bar/community center to bring life into the world in a fun way, though possibly want it to be mobile [wheels or even fly]
    1.Losing Control when under the influence of Alcohol since it can make her do really stupid things, when she starts to loosen up a bit, though it brings a bit of her old self out if so much is drunk.
    2. Giant Flying insect completely creeps her out.
    3. Bianca finds it difficult to trust, and she fears finding herself trusting someone completely since she fears a strong betrayal which can drive her insane for revenge of a single purpose of killing this person
    Face-Claim:Lara Croft
    Hair Color:Brown/red
    Eye Color:brown
    Weight:64 kg
    Appearance:Bianca Cordelia Brown is quite tall and in good shape, with lush glossily reddish brown hair. Depending on the light of day, this can look pure brown or pure red. Though, if one were to look close enough, they would know it's both. Generally wears tight sexy looking hiking gear, such as shorts, black high-boots, And protective tight shirts, though for some reason likes to show her belly quite a bit though not always the case.
    During cold clement she will bring out her, thick winter coat to protect her from the elements [Black and brown]. Her general type of stance is quite firm and strong like a warrior always sending a positive message to people in her area, while people, who do not know her at all, might be intimidated.
    Rukh Alignment:White
    Special Traits:N/a
    History:Bianca Blank grew up in foster homes, not knowing her parents or even her real last name.after not having it filled in for so long, official documents simply had it as 'Blank' it just became blank. Her life was quite positive and at the age of 18 got her own remarkable horse, and travels around a bit visiting several cultures. never made any true friends due to her loyalty to everyone she met. Her strong dignity and sense of honor often forced her to take neither side of an argument, instead mediating between the two. This was a common path to loneliness and, even though she was always happy, her personality earned her no friends that would stick with her to the end.

    Eventually, she found Reim which she decided to make her home.
    though in the weeks, before she reached Reim she found herself traveling with a really weird group of people. who were playing games of the mind, getting all serious over moving 1 piece from 1 square to the other? Some even got really excited screening sounds of hype. For quite a bit Bianca enjoyed it but after awhile it started to tick her off quite a bit due it coming across stupid realizing both parties were bad at their own game ending with her losing her temper, kicking some of them in the face and darting off on her own.

    During the years up to this point Bianca had traveled quite allot starting from an island somewhat sacludid from the rest of civilisation and in all sense of the word clueless to elsewhere activity or reality. Bianca was driven away for her strength due to the population their thinking it demonic despite her never doing anything wrong. When she was younger she traveled on a pirate ship for some time before finally landing in the county of Reim. She had also traveled from place to place, in foster care until the age of 13teen when she finally was exiled for being to strong compared to that of a human being called ""Bianca is a devilishly decadent ninny and a primitive thick-headed spawn from a lunatics rectum."

    Role-Play Sample:William Smarty would start singing his song, "I tell you what I wanna want, I tell you what I wanna want, tell me what you really want , I really wanna be a ziggg ahhhh, if you wanna be my lover, you gotta be my friend.........*BANG*. someone in the crowded decided to get a group of his friends to stand on some small pillars on the other side of the area kicking footballs at William Smarty with the first hitting him clean in the head, though Kara started using her new move Galling Soccer using the ground below her to launch 4 earth footballs [27inchs by 73cm circumference] at 10m's towards the targets not only knocking the incoming footballs out of the way, but knocking the attacks out in one shot. She would continue to instruct her fellow guards to secure the attackers along with escorting William Smarty of the stage.

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