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    op- elisa dark walker

    Post by JessWolfie on Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:43 pm

    Name: (Elisa DarkWalker.)
    Alias/Epithet: [n/A
    Race: Human
    Gender: (Female)
    Age: (23)
    Mode: (Hard)
    Occupation: Martial Artist. Historian
    Affiliation: (Revolutionary)
    Tier: (Tier 1)

    General Appearance:
    dark brown hair, occasionally appearing black, which falls below her waist and is tied at the tips to form a dolphin-tail split. Her most notable traits are her large breasts and long legs.
    A white tank top and black mini-skirt with a belt and suspenders; red and black gloves that extend to her elbows, red boots, and a metal guard on her left elbow.
    Additionally she is in tip top shape and looks absoluteness famous
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 120pounds
    Crew Tattoo Placement: Foot

    Imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but does not squander her energy. Elisa Darkwalker is someone who often sticks to herself and moves closer and closer to the top being one of the rare minded people in the world; a true strategically capable mind.

    She often finds it a huge challenge to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with her relentless intellect and maneuvering of assets.
    Mountains of self-confidence and an eye of mystery, and with insightful observations, original idea's and formidable logic; employing a sense of perfectionism and even morality to her life. Anyone who doesn’t have the talent to keep up with processes, or worse yet, doesn’t see the point of them, is likely to immediately and permanently lose her respect.

    takes pride in remaining rational and logical at all times, considering honesty and straightforward information to be paramount to emotions and stupidity in almost all circumstances. In many ways these qualities of coolness and detachment aren't the weapons of truth they appear to be, but are instead shields designed to protect the inner emotions that she deeply feels. In fact, because their emotions are so strong and an underdeveloped tool, she often feel them more strongly than many others because she simply haven't learned how to control them effectively.

    Possessing intellect and strategic thinking that allow her to overcome many challenging obstacles, the ability to both develop and implement a plan for everything, including her own personal growth. Yet can be easily tripped up in areas where careful and rational thinking is more of a liability than an asset. Whether it is finding partner, making friends,the career ladder or adapting to the unpredictable, need to put in a conscious effort to develop their weaker traits and additional skills.

    Despite these traits she is a free spirite who is able to live her life her way, living by her own rules, and what she believes in

    1.Loves meat, the open ocean, and peaceful civilization
    2.Anything relating to knowledge as she has a thirst for information
    3.Trying anything once within reason.
    1.Corruption within the world, thus why she accepted her path.
    2.People who disturb the peace of the world
    3.The weather being too cold, or strong winds not to mention anything that lowers the temperature.

    Moving through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their jer peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about in all life though this same aspect often pegged her as the black sheep despite excelling in school, combat training and extra activities as the distaste on acting on emotions created a flag of fear for those not considered her friends.

    Once she had reached the age of 15 Elisa had left home to live life on her own with a small rowboat and nothing but her own skills and thirst for knowledge With a natural thirst for knowledge that shows itself early in life. This would lead her down a path of great develop and access to knowledge as with each passing location new martial could be located, new experiences all adding to herself as a character.

    Professional competence is often the area in which she shines most brilliantly allowing her to take temporary jobs as she traveled, helping chart makers, shipbuilders, local bookstores and even down at the taverns where her patience in bending an ear when needed. As a friendly ear to bend is a tool to pull the ideal cord for productivity; though treating each story as a puzzle that needed to me solved didn't help her climb any ladders. Despite this she would generate a nice income, great physical fitness, develop into a beautiful woman and most important a great martial artist gaining theory and physical teachings.

    Though the biggest event had yet to unfold until a simple year ago when she had met her first corrupted marine who was racist down to his core; shooting anyone who was a fish-man or looked different than he did and it wasn't until the Revolutionary army stepped in and put him down that Elisa DarkWalker saw a calling and thus Joined the Revolutionary army and headed out on her own once more until she was required by their leadership.
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