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    Note: Me = Kichi/gale which both i scraped
    Name: Jessica Wayward
    Race: Minks
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Mode: Hard
    Occupation: Navigator
    Affiliation: Marine
    Tier: 1

    General Appearance:

    Jessica Wayward has slick smooth long blonde hair, which has a slight Glow due to her devil fruit the ecto ecto no mi. Beautified fox-like eyes and ears giving her heightened hearing and sight. Her skin is a white silky smooth and not to mention her good figure of a well-developed woman.

    she is often wearing light armour covering most of her body, except the area above her breasts. Her standard colours are red and silver. Finally she has a red and black fox tail but she has created a pocket within her armour to hide it

    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Crew Tattoo Placement: left shoulder


    Jessica has quite the responsible, expressive, inspirational, and friendly personality. Expression comes naturally to her and is rarely at a loss for words; in fact, she has to put forth effort at times to curb an over-active tongue. Self-confidence has made it easy for Jessica to meet people and is well-liked for her spontaneous, happy ways. she can allow your responsibilities to become a burden at times, however, and possibly create mental confusion; but an optimistic view helps to retain her equilibrium and peace.

    Being forthright and outspoken, she often champions causes. Fair treatment for everyone is important and she works best alone and unrestricted because a sense of freedom is essential to her well-being. Provided she is not pushed or driven, and as long as an idea holds interest, Jessica can accomplish almost anything.

    Serious about life and cannot stand ridicule, nor can she appreciate a joke at her expense. generally has an excellent memory and Not forgiving easily. Jessica may hold grudges for years as she rarely breaks a promise herself, she tends to be overly critical of those who do not live up to their promises.

    She could accomplish much in the areas of leadership, diplomacy, or teaching. However, responsibilities will often be heavy and worrisome. Jessica is inclined to undertake more than one can handle, by taking over the work of others and by making the problems of others her own.

    Strong Moral campus, strategic thinking and has a competitive nature.

    She likes the idea of one day becoming an admiral in order to roam freelly to work alone to help those who need it.

    really enjoys her food and supprisinlly is a potentical way to win her heart
    Standing up for those who can't stand for themselves and solving issues diplomaticlly

    while she understands the morol implications and will rarelly do so, she does enjoy killing evil people.
    Wasting her time, situations which end up just being time waster can often be a trigger to a rare anger, as she could of helped someone else.

    everyone with the name bob,rob or similar as for some reason every time she ears or sees a bob its like shes hairs all tingle in irritation as if hearing the anoying sound of a scraping whiteboard.

    she hates the ocean as she one once enjoyed surfing but now doing so could cost her life, which she almost lost learning about her abbility to no longer swim. This felt like a stab in the back. Though she still finds it pleasent to look at and doesn't affacts her sailing.

    When Jessica was young she was pretty much a normal girl with an extremely positive attitude with her only goal in life to make others happy. eventually finding her way into pioneering enterprises[Blacksmithing, ship building, navigating and even creating pieces of art where, again and again, she often required to start back at the beginning. Although she had the opportunity to use her own ideas and take the initiative in starting new ventures, unforeseen obstacles or events beyond her control interfered with her progress, and did not allow you to reach a proper fruition in any of these masteries; but this all changed the day she ate the ecto ecto no mi.

    Not long before she ate this fruit her minks traits started to prevent themselves with her tail growing, her hair growing, and even her ears and eyes changed and once she had changed completely due to the devil fruit which she accidentally ate thinking it looked pretty tasteful; becoming living ectoplasm a element which was unknown at the time to anyone around her though it did give her a feel of destiny as if she could make a difference in the world though the people around her would begin to alienate her.

    Even though it is possible for her to rise to the pinnacles of success in the world at this time it seemed for not as despite those around being kind, polite and always willing to accept her help none would give her a job despite her clear skills developing in all trades with navigating shining brighter than most. With time passing, and age gaining the lack of a job would cause economic issues within her life which at the moment she would reach the end of her smile a navy officer by the name of Kirito Stay Fate gave her the break she needed.

    Thus, she had joined the navy and is now living on the island of baterilla in the south blue with 2 years under her belt.
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